Getting Around Bellevue

The King County Metro System, which encompasses the Bellevue Transit area, is one of the most user-friendly public transportation systems in the Pacific Northwest. Since King County encourages its citizens to carpool and emit fewer carbon emissions, they offer a plethora of alternate methods of transportation, encouraging commuters to bike and carpool to cut down on greenhouse gases. In addition to its public transportation system, local modes of travel include cab and town car service, biking, by way of bike trails and bike lanes, as well as private methods of transportation provided by local companies for their employees.

Three major companies offer taxi service within Bellevue, as well as to and from Seattle and surrounding areas. Eastside Taxi and Bellevue Taxi Service are based in Bellevue, and frequent routes include the Bellevue Metro Area, as well as service to SeaTac Airport, Seattle, Everett, and Renton. Yellow Cab has several bases throughout King County, one being in Bellevue and offers service to most areas in the state.

Public Buses
The King County Metro bus system runs throughout Bellevue, connecting the Eastside to Seattle and surrounding areas. Commuter and express buses depart Bellevue’s transit center on weekdays, and several buses depart on weekends with limited service on Sundays. Park and Rides are available at most major metro transit stations, and King County organizes a rideshare program to encourage carpooling to and from Seattle, as well as throughout surrounding neighborhoods. Metro buses offer racks for bikers, and most routes are handicap accessible. Microsoft offers transportation to and from its campuses via the Microsoft Connector, and a King County custom bus provides service to the Boeing plant in Everett for employees as well as non-employees.

Town Cars
Town cars are an affordable alternative to cabs, and many are based in Bellevue. Bell TownCar, Bellevue Town Car and Bellevue Airport Town Car all specialize in trips to SeaTac and will provide service within city limits and to surrounding areas. Some offer amenities, like bottle service, limo rental, and specialty car rentals, including stretch Hummers, and come with personal drivers.

Bike Trails
Biking is a popular way to travel within Bellevue and to surrounding areas. Bike lanes make biking to and from work safer, and bike trails offer seclusion from traffic and busy throughways. The Burke Gilman Trail allows bikers to get to and from the Eastside with very few intersections through vehicle roads, creating a safer, less stressful commute for many Bellevue residents.